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      The Silo concept comes from the thought that symbols are used and reused in different cultures without us being fully aware.  It is important to play with the idea that an everyday object can have a hidden meaning just by adjusting perception.  With the Silo being the object and structure, I relate it to being a phallic symbol like that of the ancient Egyptian obelisk.  The thought process then changes and the structure is viewed in a different understanding.  You see the male-dominated culture of farming, you can also start to piece together the relationship between man and the environment, you see the similarities in the fact that these structures hold seed while the phallus also holds the key to reproduction.  


      The Silo has a shape, content, and resemblance to a phallus, but I also want to comment on what these structures do and what they say.  They communicate to the viewer the essence of power in these communities.  The more silos you have the more corn you have, the more money you will make, and the more power you will have.  This idea can be compared to fetish objects from art history where the more you have of something the more powerful it becomes in order to talk to heavens and to gods.  The silos begin to become something else for me.  They begin to become markers on maps, they can map the star patterns and predict growing seasons and weather patterns just like obelisks did in ancient Egypt.  Could there be a secret society relating to this culture?  How much can the silo transcend the idea of communication?

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