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Glitched Communication

The idea of a relationship can be complicated.  The way we communicate our thoughts and the way feelings get used and manipulated is a very daunting in pursuit.  In this work, the relationship is investigated and viewed through a lens specific to the environment and the landscape.  Feelings felt in real relationships I have endured and experienced are juxtaposed with the natural environment. I play with the idea that these feelings of troubles and successes are transferable to the natural world and what is going on currently with the environment.


Come Fly With Me
On The Horizon...
Finger Drawing On Her Back
Sorry In Advance
Like Windows 98
Lovers Print
Old Fashioned Views
Soar. Sore. Soar.
I Can't Help But Glitch
Set Me Up, To Knock Me Down.
I'm Not a Manipulative Person
Fish Out of Water
This Love Kind of Hurts
Wait 'Til The Trees Explode
Face to Face
Circle The Point
Stand Alone In 8-bits of color
Unidentified Pains
You're Playing The Victim
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