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Chairs Curated

I see creation as a way of investigating the world. I navigate thought while experiencing it at the same time. Things get distorted and hard to understand at times. Interactions become difficult to read and lines get made while judgments happen. Emotion and communication, for example, are a theme for me in that sense. Line comes out of those themes in that I am looking for. This is a line to draw conclusions and entertain my thoughts. My work relates to this term of line often as it consciously and unconsciously comes up in each piece. 

This series focuses on chairs and couches as a place of rest and the space to react to life's moments. I am investigating how an object in a place could warrant memories or sincere feelings. From tense love and sublime to loathsome fear and worry, this work is a direct look at relating and reminiscence. This work is built off a critique of social interaction and modern communication as all these feelings are brought on by a simple object, a chair.

The chairs are half in reality and half out. There is a surreal experience relating to thought, time, and place.  All the images work in this way, from very subtle reality distortion to gradually more and more change in the scene.  I want that to be a comment on how thought and reflection work when you see something that sparks a feeling.  It is very surreal to work with memories and how one might see the transformation of an object while using ones recollection of time and space.

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