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Aaron Brandt is originally from Northwest Ohio, and now practices in his Cincinnati Studio.   He received his BA in New Media Arts from The University of Toledo and his MFA in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University. His work is about connection, both with others and one's self.  His practice involves working both digitally and by hand to mix media in order to confront the idea of connectedness of the current time.


His time in the studio is focused on utilizing digital tools for illustration and photo manipulation while planning ways to manipulate digital ideas into physical works. He creates his works by playing in a variety of ways, from utilizing alternative printing methods to combining media and found objects with painting and collaging.  In his practice, he is utilizing digital means to gain reference material and running programs to figure out color pallets and duplicate subject matter at ease. Aaron’s work strives to develop a style that works in duality, positioning the human connection right next to digital convenience and perfection. He combines humanity and nostalgic subject matter with the cold rigidness of computer culture originating from digital function and utility. 

Aaron Brandt

Tel: 419-603-3167

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-I see creation as a way of investigating the world.  I navigate thought while experiencing it at the same time.  Things get distorted and hard to understand at times.  Interactions become difficult to read and lines get made while judgments happen. Emotion and communication, for example, are a theme for me in that sense.  Line comes out of those themes in that I am looking for a line to draw conclusions and entertain thoughts.  My work relates to this term of line often as it consciously and unconsciously comes up in each piece. 


I see the work yield to this concept as I explore my environment and reach for conclusions in emotional, social, and physical landscapes.  The lines drawn are confronting me to understand.  It is mathematical and just.  It is clear and concise. I look to art and creation to investigate and I continue to investigate the idea of creation.  


I work to pass my knowledge on to others.  My work is not only the physical art you see, it is the teaching and knowledge that is shared. Teaching about contextualizing and creating work is what I strive to get better at every day. It is also about committing to learning. I feel like goal-oriented learning has helped me figure out how to explore life and I feel anyone who is willing to try something creative can succeed. (and that's not just a line)


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