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Native Ohio Plants

Working around plants for the majority of my life has brought me joy over the years.  This body of work helps me put the world into perspective and notice the "small" things around me in nature.  I get a chance to reminisce and reflect on simple things around me that bring memories alive.  This is a study for me, and these are simple statements for the viewer. The works are easily digested.  I expanded to have two versions of each print to deal open the conversation and to make the work more diverse.  Creating a TRIPPY version opens the viewer up to play with some loose ideas on awareness and how there are different ways to see and interact with the world.


I developed this work as a chance to learn new skills and educate me on the native plants of my home, here in Ohio.  I continue to work on this series in order to sell and generate accessible work to the public. 


I am currently using an art hosting site called Society6 to sell prints and stickers. You can find this work and other work like it here:

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